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The following pages contain a pictorial view of our Route 66 Trip in September of 2008.  The trip Started in Joliet Illinois on Historic Route 66 traveling through Illinois to Collinsville, then onto St. Louis into Missouri through Rolla and ending up in Lebanon Missouri.  In all the trip totaled some 1100 miles of driving.  We took my 1979 Corvette L48 Sports Coupe on a father and son journey that met up with my Uncle Larry from Kansas.  We averaged around 15 MPG in the old Vette, with a high nearing 17MPG on one stretch. At nearly 30 years old, my Corvette faired quite well and only had one slight mishap which required a 20 minute pitstop in St. Louis.  Part of the exhaust came loose.  Other than that, all went quite well.  I hope you enjoy the pictures that follow over the three day journey. They were taken by myself with my iPhone 3G, my dad using a Canon Power Shot A70 and my Uncle and his Nikon D40 Camera.  We took various pictures of our cars, the cool cars of the people who joined us on this journey as part of the Missouri Route 66 Association.  We also took pictures of the various road side attractions that made Route 66 famous over the years.  I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as we enjoyed taking them.


Route 66 Day One
September 5th, 2008
Route 66 Day Two
September 6th, 2008
Route 66 Day 3
September 7th, 2008